Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Wright Family

I am so blessed! I have so many wonderful extended family members. Yesterday, was my little cousin, John David's birthday party! He turned 5 years old! Now, that is an exciting time when you turn five! It was also just fun to be with some of my great family. Here I am with cousin Kendra, and Aunt Renee.


Marsha said...

Hey you! Welcome to blogger world! It will be fun to catch up with you this way!! Chat with ya later!!!

Tracey said...

Hey Sharm!! Good to "see" you on here! :-) I'm going to start one of these here newfangled blogamajiggy things here soon, so I will add you to my list!
You look great! I look like I've had 4 kids! :-D,, (not really that funny) :-)