Thursday, June 4, 2015

Come With Me...

Leave your lives of ease…your sporting events…your ipads and iphones…come to this hill.  Look down.  What do you see?  Grave stones?  Sacrifice?  Death?  Life?  Do you see that their blood cries out?  It cries out to be remembered.  They are lying here.  Stone cold.  Dead.  So YOU may live. 

You are so busy, eating, drinking, playing.  Doing the normal things which are called “life”.  Being soccer moms, and sporting dads.  You are told what a hero is.  A hero might be someone who changes their gender we are told.  Or someone who just does the ordinary.  But, here, lie the real heroes.  They are “heroes proved in liberating strife.  Who more than self, their country love, and mercy, more than life.”

LOOK!  Do you see them?  They died so you could live!!! LOOK!!!  While you enjoy your life of ease, their lives were cut short…they gave all.  How can you do less?  Can you leave this hill the same as when you came?  Can you return to frivolity with no thought for those who lie here.  Dead.  So you could live. 

Be changed.  Sit here for a while.  Ponder the great cost of freedom.  Freedom is never free.  Someone always must die so others may live.  Someone must always sacrifice pleasure so others may know it. 

Leave this place.  Go.  Begin to live anew.  Changed.  Transformed by what you have seen.  Go.  Tell the story of America.  Refuse to be complacent.   Live!  Live as one who has seen the great cost of your freedom!  Don’t ever be the same again.