Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two of my Friends

Hello, everyone.
I wanted to show you this picture and tell you about two of my special friends from college really can't be possible that over 15 years ago, I graduated from God's Bible School in Cincinnati, OH! Garilee on the left, and Marsha in the center, were two of my dearest friends. We had so many wonderful times together!!! It was a very sad time, when Garilee graduated and left. Marsha and I were there for another year. When Marsha got married in 1993, we were all together then. But, that is the last time we had all been in the same place at the same time. This past June, we met in Cincinnati at Marsha's house for a fun weekend! This was taken on Saturday at a Pizza place where we ate. One of Marsha's five children took this pic on my camera.
Garilee works at a hospital in Michigan in the insurance department. She, like me, is single. The Lord has really helped her and she is actively involved in her local church and like me, has two brothers. They both live close to her. Marsha, is married to Brian and they have five kids! They are hoping to move to Marion, OH when their house sells to be assistant pastor at a church there and to work in the Christian school.
Have a great day! And thank God for your special friends...I am truly blessed...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back on Line!!!

Hello, everyone! After being "offline" for a month, I'm now back on. Actually, it's been good for me to be off, I was quite addicted. I love to read, and to me, the internet is like having a massive library right in your apartment! So, I could get so sidetracked reading this and that or whatever.
How are all of you? I started a new part time job today. I am working as an LPN at Cedar Lake Village in Olathe, KS. The director is a lady that I used to attend church with. Today, was my first day and so it was all basically orientation.
I also went full time with my other job at Shawnee Heartland Assisted Living. The kick there is that I have to be there at 7am! YUCK...some of you probably know how well I like mornings. Actually, I have done very well.
Please write soon.