Monday, September 5, 2016

No Turning Back!

The Apostle Paul had some wise words for those who would follow Christ when he wrote about forgetting what was behind and reaching towards what was ahead-the prize!  The prize being the upward call of Christ to live for HIM and not for this world.  In Colossians 3, Paul again wrote that we should live as dead to the world and alive to heavenly values as we are hidden "with Christ in God."  As we travel this life road towards the eternal, we will come to various crossroads in our lives.  There will be a decision that must be made.  Which way?  Will I choose the path of least resistance and give in to my flesh? Or, will I choose the path, which in the here and now, feels hard and lonely.  Any who would follow Christ know, He will go to great lengths to get us to make the correct choice.  It may take some time.  There is often a struggle.  The struggle to "let go" and step into the unknown.  At that point, we must remember that what is unknown to us, is completely and totally known by Him!  With this confidence, we can choose the path less traveled.  At first, it will seem lonely.  Tears may fall.  But, eventually, the sweetness and fullness of the presence of Christ will make the trees and grass seem greener and more beautiful.  The heavy load of the flesh will be relieved, and the sunshine of the beauty and love of Christ will be felt.  
There will come a point, when to go back is completely UNDESIRABLE!  To taste and see that the Lord is good, and then to remember what we left, will cause us to rise up and bless His name.  Then, we can look back and be reminded.  God HAS been faithful  He WILL be faithful.  He will not, and cannot fail.  He IS "Ever Faithful."