Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vacation Bible School

Wow! What a week this has been!! We had Vacation Bible School at the church I attend on Sunday Mornings, the South Park Church of God (Holiness). It was a great week! All together, we had 37 different children come. We averaged 25 each night. We had the Wordless Book for one of the teaching times. The children learned about the gold page which tells of heaven and the black page which tells us about sin and so forth. Our theme was Digging for Treasure. We had object lessons based on Bible stories that were in some way related to coins or treasure. The best one was about the Pearl of Great Price. We had a contest between the "Miners" and "Prospectors" to see who could collect the most money to buy a bicycle for the mission work in Myanmar. We ended up with more than enough to buy the bike!
One of the most exciting things was this: Two of the children who came are also catholic. Their mother, Lori, came every night and helped with crafts. On the second night, she came back and wanted to know what the Book of Life was all about as it was part of the first night of teaching about Heaven and how we must have our names in the Lamb's Book of Life if we are going to heaven. She went home and had asked her husband what it was all about. He has a church background, but did not know. So, a couple of people were able to get a Bible and show her in the book of Revelation where this was. She was told that it's where our names must be in order to go to heaven. So, she sat down and read from the Bible about it. So, you never know what is going through people's heads. God can work even through a children's VBS to reach adults. The picture above is of me and part of my group. We were the emerald group. Emerald was from the Wordless Book which talked about growing in Christ.

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