Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Yes, loneliness...something I've been facing of times it is raw...painful...tears...I can be okay when I'm with people...but, at some point, I have to come home.  Home, where no one is.  It's dark, and lonely.  There is no one to talk to.  No one to cook with.  No one to eat dinner with.  No one to go to sleep near.  No one to wake up next to.  No one to plan your day with.  No one to share your dreams and thoughts.  No one to witness your life, see your struggles and love you anyway.  
For some, like me, this is your adult life.  You journey alone.  You wonder if this is all that there will ever be.  It may be.  My hope, though, is in that Jesus is God and Lord of all.  He, alone, knows my past, present and future.  I have to trust Him.  I have to believe that He knows who and where I am. He will not leave or forget me.  He is always there.  He holds my future in the palm of His hand and He is trustworthy.  Oh, for faith that will grow and blossom.

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