Friday, July 16, 2010

The One Who Blesses Others...

"The world of the generous gets larger and larger;

the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.

The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed;

those who help others are helped." Proverbs 11:24-25 The Message

I would like to pay tribute to the owners and employees of Associate Solutions where Michael, my brother is employed. I can see that this scripture has been fulfilled in their generosity to my dear brother. When Michael was first in the hospital, in the midst of having a broken leg, finding out he had cancer, etc., his employer told him that he did not need to worry about his job. Several of the other employees and partners visited Michael different times and were totally supportive of him as he walked through the darkest valley of his life. Three of the partners came and assisted with Michael and Shawna's move back in April and one of them, Terrie, provided food for all who came to help.

His employer continued to pay Michael his base salary and for his insurance benefit and through their generosity, I believe that this scripture from Proverbs has been lived out in this locally owned business.

In the midst of the down economy, this business received eight new clients in the month of June! Could it not be said, they have been generous with Michael in his hour of need and now they are receiving back? They could have said they were no longer able to keep him on their payroll, but they instead chose to take the high road...I have prayed for God's blessing on them...He has done that...praise the Lord!

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Janet said...

So glad to hear and know God is using these people and meeting their needs as they meet Michael's needs.