Sunday, July 4, 2010

Living Free

"Live as free men..." I Peter 2:16
How thankful I am to be an American, living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. In spite of what some have said about our nation, there has never been another in the history of the world that has been more free, or has done more for the remainder of the world. Yes, we have our scars, and presently we are scarred by such things as abortion on demand. Yet, there are many who are fighting to end this blight upon our great land.
While we are enjoying our freedoms which we still have, many in other parts of the world are languishing without the privileges that we take for granted. Part of living free is to remember them and to do what we can to promote freedom. How thankful I am for each of our men and women in the military who are giving of their best years to fight for freedom and to them I give honor. I am also thankful for those of our veterans who gave so much so I may enjoy so much. One of the nursing homes where I play piano has the honor of being the home of a woman who was a pilot way back before women in the military was so acceptable! She is something else! Now getting about in a wheelchair, she once flew planes high in the sky!
Living free means I need to give up some of the things I want and desire...the desire to get even with someone who hurts me; the need to be in control of my life and what others think of me, etc. Living free in the spiritual sense means trusting Christ completely with all of me. Oh for grace to rest securely in Him, alone!

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