Monday, February 8, 2010

"Nothing Compares..."

I just set my DVD player to play again the song "Shout To the Lord" with the beautiful "Rhapsody in Blue" done by Anthony Burger!! could anyone think that we evolved from a monkey? To see and hear this man play for God's glory, how could anyone not see God's handiwork? There is one phrase that I want to bring out..."...nothing compares to the promise I have in You..." Think about that...we could be healthy, wealthy, have position, have whatever our hearts desire, even have the best husband...yet none of that even comes close to what we can have in Jesus!!! I needed this reminder...been a bit blue lately about some different things in my life...none of that lack or perceived lack really matters...if I have Jesus...I have ALL I need!!! "Nothing compares..."to His presence, His peace, His purpose in my life..."nothing compares" the wholeness and fruitfulness I can know in Him...praise Him, friend..."nothing compares" Jesus!!!!

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