Saturday, January 23, 2010

Excitement on a Friday night!

Last evening, I was here at home for a quiet evening. I was setting at my laptop with my headphones on, watching, of all things, Perry Mason. Love those old shows! As I was watching this old fashioned, crime solver program, a crime of sorts happened here! All of a sudden, a very loud, house shaking event occurred. I began running upstairs to see if my Grandma or her husband had fallen. They came running downstairs thinking that something had blown up down here. Orville ran outside and discovered a pick up truck had smashed into the corner of the house. Our next door neighbor, Brad and wife Nancy had also heard the noise and already discovered the truck and called emergency personnel. I went over to the truck thinking as a nurse, perhaps I could offer help, but the doors on the truck were locked. The man inside was apparently unconscious and his air bag had deployed. Soon, sirens were sounding and an ambulance, fire truck and various other police cars were setting outside. They were able to get the man to unlock the door to the truck and after much ado, placed him on a stretcher. He was awake enough to tell them his name. He was taken to the hospital and a tow truck came to take the truck away. It was totaled! Two local TV stations came by and spoke with us. I even made the 10 pm news! I'm so grateful that no other person was involved in what could've been a fatal accident for someone. God allowed him to hit the house and not someone else.


Freda said...

Hi Sharmen
Sounds like a little too much excitement to me. Glad you are OK. Enjoy your blog.

Miss Music said...

Thanks, Auntie! How are you and Uncle Joe doing these days? Good to hear from you.