Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ladies' Retreat 2009

Ladies' Retreat was October 17, 2009! We had such a lovely day! The Lord's presence was real, and many hearts were touched. Mrs. Sheila Wolf from Cincinnati, OH was our featured speaker. Mrs. Marsha Potteiger from Marion, OH was our featured soloist and also spoke in one of the afternoon sessions. Mrs. Wolf spoke very practically about our relationship with God, bringing our "to do list" to the Lord each day and about how we could reach out to touch others with the love of God. Marsha, who was also my best friend from college days, sang beautifully. I was privileged to accompany her again as I had done many years ago! She gave her personal testimony of how God has done marvelous things for her, her husband and their marriage. She spoke openly of her husbands' struggle with Pornography and best of all, his complete deliverance from this sin by the power of God! It was very moving. We enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Gloria Meyers, and desserts made by various ladies. There was a great craft time where we could make a notebook which could be used for many different things including a sermon notebook, recipe book, etc. There were 8 tables set up by various ones for shopping and browsing. All in all, it was a very worthwhile day! All the glory goes to Jesus who died that we might have fullness of joy in Him!

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