Sunday, March 11, 2012


The time was depression days, 1930's. The setting was a poor area in "hillbilly" country in south Missouri near a little town named Corry. The young woman was already a mother  having married at 16 years of age. Life was hard, making a living was difficult. Then, the preacher came. He preached a message of salvation and repentance from sin. She went to the meetings and heard the glorious possibility of sins forgiven and eternal life through Christ. She responded and became a child of the King of Kings! In that moment, not only was her destiny changed, but so was that of her children, as well as numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and many more. The young woman was Maye Wright, my paternal grandmother. I never knew her as she passed away shortly before I was born. But, having grown up hearing her spoken of so highly, I wish I could've known her.
In time the family moved to Fort Scott, KS in order to have a better life and to be a part of the Church of God (Holiness) there. Sensing a need for Christian education, Maye became one of the founding members of the Fort Scott Bible School and then her children received schooling in that institution. Several of them also attended Kansas City College and Bible School located in Overland Park, KS or lived in the area. There, several of them met their spouses and the family fanned out. Through the years, from among the 11 surviving children and their families have come Christian school teachers, pastors’ wives and a youth pastor. Three have served as employees at the Herald and Banner print shop. One serves as the secretary of the World Missions Department for the Church of God (Holiness) and many have served faithfully in various churches as lay persons assisting in many ways great and small.
So, while my grandmother did not live to witness all of this, the results of her decision continue s to live on in the lives of her descendants. I am grateful for the choice that she made. I hope to sit down with her some day by the River of Life and tell her so.
Never underestimate the power of the choices that you make each and every day!

(The preacher was W. L. Gates)

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