Friday, September 25, 2009


I am so grateful to be an American! I am sorry that our nation has been slipping down on a path away from God, but I don't believe we should despair! God is still running this world, and He will decide what ultimately happens. I have been reading a book, The Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer, and came across this in my reading; "The possibilities and necessity of prayer, its power and results are manifested in arresting and changing the purposes of God and in relieving the stroke of his power..."
Some examples from the Word of God about how prayer "changed" God's purposes would include Jonah who cast himself into the sea and God prepared the great fish to swallow him up. "Jonah prayed unto the Lord his God out of the fish's belly...and the Lord spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land." When Jonah called upon the Lord in his time of disobedience, God heard his prayer and delivered him from the fish.
Even, wicked King Pharaoh believed in God! He implored Moses four times to call upon God and ask for God's mercy when the plagues were happening to the Egyptians. Each time Moses would pray to God and the answer would come and the plague was lifted.
Or, how about good King Hezekiah who was told that his time was fast over on this earth and he prayed to God and was given fifteen years more!
When you stop and think about this, do any possibilities come to your mind about what God might want to do in America? Is it possible that He might yet want to "Revive us again, that we may rejoice?" Yes, we have certainly turned away from Him as a nation, but yet, is He willing that we should perish? Is He waiting for one of His own to "stand in the gap" and plead with Him for mercy and revival as Moses did for the children of Israel?
I believe that one of the reasons why we have not been judged more harshly in America is because of the Christians who are still seeking after God and crying over the sins of this nation. While wicked men see the Christians as the problem, they are actually, most likely, the reason America is still the land that it is! Without the Christians, it is possible God would give us even more over to judgment.
With that thought in mind, do you think it is possible that God is going over the earth, searching for someone to rise up and be that individual who will first of all, fast and pray for revival, and then to speak with boldness of the truth of God?


FSM_Ed said...

Yup, God is calling the shots alright. When I die his Valkyries will carry me to Valhalla. There I will feast every night while during the day I will prepare for the final battle of Ragnarök. Sound ridiculous? No more than your religion. The only thing that separates religion from myth is time. The only thing that separates a religion from a cult is numbers.

Miss Music said...

Hi, whoever you are! The difference in you and I is where we get our information. My life is built on the Word of God, His holy Word, The Bible. I will pray that God will show you the truth about Him! It's not a religion that I espouse! It's a personal relationship with the One who created me!