Sunday, May 17, 2009

Would Jesus Eat a the church???

Hello, everyone...hope that my title caught your attention...let me tell you a story based on real facts and events, as well as real people!
In a real town, not more than a million miles away, was a little group of Christians having Sunday School. The Pastor was teaching the class for adults when the door opened and little "Preston" came in. Preston and his mommy came and sat down on one of the pews toward the back. Little Preston could be heard making a noise as of chewing, and soon Pastor said, "Preston, did you bring me a donut?" Preston was so happy to say, "Yes, we brought lots of donuts for everyone!! They are out here in the lobby and everyone can have some!" He was so excited to share this special treat.
You see, Preston and Mommy had started coming to church only several months before. Instantly, Mommy liked this little church and so did he! The people made her feel welcome, and while some of them looked a little different than she did, they never made her feel out of place. They even let her help with children's church and greeted her with smiles each week. They all thought Preston was really cute even though he was kindav noisy some times. Now, she just wanted to do something to let these special people know how much she loved them all...
So, after Sunday School, the church people all headed out to the lobby. Some began eating donuts, others wrapped one up to take and eat later. Preston kept telling everyone, "Look at all the donuts! Come and get one!"
After church, several of the church people came around to Mommy and expressed appreciation for the unexpected donut treat. No one said unkind things or told her that "we don't eat in church!" She left feeling a part of this little diverse group, determined to keep coming back to a place where she was welcomed to hear God's Word and her little Preston was loved in spite of his rambunctious ways.
So, my question to you is this...would Jesus have eaten a donut? I believe that He would've. There doesn't seem to be any Biblical reason not to. What do you think?


Shawna said...

Do you all call Xaviar, "Preston"??

Shawna said...


Chris said...

Of course he would have eaten a donut. Jesus always chose people over rules.

Miss Music said...

Yes, Xavier is Preston! And, Chris, you are absolutely right! It is amazing how rigid people can be when they are all about the rules. Yes, Jesus would've eaten a donut.