Monday, February 16, 2009

Passionately ProLife!!

Hello, my friends!
Last week, I was blessed to attend the annual Kansans for Life Valentine Banquet! Wow, what an evening! Nearly 1,000 people came to hear about what is happening in the pro life movement. My parents and I organized a table with 9 people and my brother Michael, his wife Shawna, and oldest niece, Luanna were also at the event along with my nephew, Karson.
Part of the evening, included a preview of a new movie which will be coming out soon "Thine Eyes." This movie will document the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. which was held this January. Most of the main stream media will not report accurately how many people attend these events. A local writer here, Jack Cashill ( wanted to do this movie to show how many people really came. Would you believe 300,000!!!! This further proves that many Americans are pro life!
We also were blessed to hear Pedro and Michelle Armesto speak regarding Michelle's abortion which she was forced by her parents to have here in the state of Kansas. What a sad story. After she expelled the dead baby, she saw it lying on the floor of the abortion clinic. She was horrified. She cried as she spoke of this happening.
She is now very pro life and has testified here in the Kansas Legislature.
I would encourage you to find out about your local and state pro life organizations. Get involved. Give. Pray.
Lastly, enjoy the four beautiful choices for life pictures here! My three nieces and my nephew!!! They are precious and I'm so glad their parents chose life!

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