Saturday, February 23, 2008

Travel Thoughts

Hello, Everyone! It's still winter here, but the good things is that it can't last much longer! I really like this harbor template. As a young person at God's Bible School in Cincinnati, I was privileged to do a lot of traveling. What memories! We were privileged to be in more than one eastern state and view neat places along the ocean and other such areas. I've been to the boardwalk and walked along that...I've been to Plymouth where the Mayflower replica is...I've been to Harker's Island in North Carolina...I've been down south in Florida at the beach over on the Western would be nice to be there now!
Three years ago, I traveled to Hobe Sound, FL and viewed the ocean from the beach was so pretty. I hope that some day, I'll be able to see more places...oh, and I can't forget to tell you about the time in the summer of 92, I was privileged to travel with Dave and Frances Fuller and Julie. We were transported to the Baltimore inner harbor by boat with their friends Andy and Joy Coolie. That was so neat!
Well, it's back to reality here in frozen Kansas...hope to hear from some of you in "blogger land."



Mamabear said...

Looks like you figured out new templates! Another place to find them is
Good Luck!
Are you going to IHC this year?

diamond said...

Hello from frozen Ohio. Found your blog on Mamabear's blog. Here is mine if you are interested:
I'll keep checking back